Re-engineering a New You..

A guide on how to balance the facets of your life
by Dr Tshepiso Matentjie (PhD.) & Semukele Lynnette Murape

Now that the month of January has come and gone, I'm sure it's safe to say that the first of January is not a 'reset button'. With that being said, it becomes evident that change can be implemented at any time, and happens constantly whether we like it or not.

Essentially, we are all different versions of ourselves daily. This means that we take on various roles that we constantly need to shift between. Thus it follows that the term 'new' carries different meanings with very different goals and aspirations for each area of our lives. Whether your goal this year is to lose a certain amount of weight or getting that promotion; these aspirations are based on our unique needs and circumstances.

The wheel of life is a coaching tool that helps you interrogate the balance between all the facets of your life. As you rate each area, you get to see which part(s) of your life are out of sync or that you've been neglecting.

The Wheel of Life by Paul J. Meyer

I, for example, am an employee; a colleague; a daughter; and a girlfriend – to name a few – and all of these roles have different responsibilities and require me to fulfil certain demands. The different roles I shift between essentially mean that I am also allocating varying amounts of my time to different aspect of my life. Because I find my job very fulfilling and very demanding on my time, I would score myself relatively high for 'Career/Job' and 'Wealth'. Inadvertently,  this takes away my time, energy and focus from my 'Family and Friends', 'Personal Space, 'Playtime, Hobbies and Fun'. Although over the weekends and holidays I attend to these aspects of my life to varying degrees, personally I am not completely satisfied with what falls through the cracks in these areas because of my career. So I would rate myself very low on these aspects of my life. Thus, for 2019, re-engineering my life to be the best version of myself will mean I have to give up some work assignments to make more time available for the other priorities in my life. But that would require for me to make peace with missing out on a possible early promotion, and swallow the pain of watching Anne get it.

Complete your wheel by rating yourself out of 10 for each of the areas; with 0 being at the centre of the wheel and 10 being on the outer circle. Then ask yourself the following questions about what you have learnt about yourself:
  • What areas have you been neglecting? At what price?
  • What areas have you been prioritising instead? At what cost?
  • What behaviours do you need to learn or unlearn in order to be the best version of yourself? What sacrifices do you need to make?
  • What kind of mindset do you need to adopt in order to sustain the changes you need to make?
  • How do you feel about this?

Remember that great things take time. Make it your mission to make 'Project You!' a lifelong project, it's a marathon not a sprint!