Our logo, the baobab tree represents what we stand for. It is called the upside-down tree because its roots seem to be at the top - an invitation to dare to look at your situation from a different perspective.

It is an indigenous tree in Africa and Australia, revered for its versatility everywhere. Your brilliance knows no bounds once it is unleashed.
The baobab tree uses its bulky trunk to store water to endure the dry seasons, providing water to thirsty travellers. Your capabilities are a resource primarily to launch you into greater things but especially to bless those you encounter on your journey.

Its fruit has possibly more Vitamin C than that of an orange. In the same way you don't have to imitate someone else or live in their shadow to be greater.
Its dry fruit pulp can be eaten, mixed into porridge or milk while its seeds can be pounded to extract vegetable oil. Your legacy transcends your life today.
Choose to make your daily steps expand your horizon and stretch you to your fullest potential.